Upcoming Events
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SGS is returning to in person meetings at the Palm Harbor Library. Non-members are welcome to attend these meetings.

  • The SGS monthly meeting is on April 27th @ 1:30 PM at the Palm Harbor Library, see info below for this special meeting and officer election.  
  • The Genealogy and DNA Interest Group meeting is on May 13th @ 1:00 PM at the Palm Harbor Library.  The topic will consist of each member discussing an interesting Ancestry/Genealogy story.  This meeting is also available via Zoom.  An email with the Zoom link will be sent to SGS members, and non-members may request a link via e-mail at “info@sgsfl.com”.

NEW: SGS is now offering a DNA Mentoring Program that is available to all SGS members. This program is aimed at members just starting with DNA and need a little help. The mentoring will be conducted virtually via Zoom and staffed with knowledgeable SGS members. To request mentoring, please contact us via e-mail at “info@sgsfl.com”.

Please check the Palm Harbor Library Events Calendar for the latest information for any event held at the library